Roger L. Simon

Boss Schumer

I was quite amused by Ann Althouse’s post about Chuck Schumer’s appearance on “Meet the Press,” which I missed. But reading the text, I was reminded of something that has repeatedly been in my face ever since I started blogging about politicians, lo these many moons ago: It’s about projection. Every time a politician accuses somebody else of something, that is more than likely precisely what he or she is doing.

Schumer has always been a prime example of this. To call him a”liberal” or a “progressive” is silly, because those are meaningless terms nowadays, just rhetoric. What Schumer is is a party boss, just like Boss Tweed was in his time. Boss Schumer. The only difference is that Schumer makes trendy references to “epistemology.” I wonder if he could define it. How about a quick test on “Moore’s Paradox” for Chuck? Okay, unfair. But let’s be honest, Schumer is no more of an intellectual heavyweight than Tom DeLay – and the same kind of party hack, the same guy in blue ribbons instead of red. One thing I found particularly amusing in Schumer’s obviously prepared screed was the predetermined lumping of John McCain with Bush, when McCain is precisely the kind of politician that Schumer is not. Once in a while McCain will cross party lines because he actually believes in something. I can’t imagine Chuck Schumer crossing the street for that reason. For Boss Schumer it’s all about power.