Roger L. Simon

Clint, McCain's Speech, a Little Sympathy for Hannity and Miss Ann's "Final Offer"

Poor Sean Hannity. He’s gone so far out on a limb with his McCain Derangement Syndrome he doesn’t know how to climb back. Even after McCain’s speech yesterday, he was going on about how Romney could have won if not for the Huckafella… as if none of us had read his own company’s Fox News Poll a few days ago showing more Huck voters with McCain as a second choice than Mitt. Sean was joined the night before in the cognitive dissonance derby by none other than Newt Gingrich who informed us that Romney would have won California had it not been for early voting. [That’s a lot of early voting when McCain won 50 of 53 districts.-ed. Hey, you know us Californians. Anything to get a little extra beach time, even in February.]

The best analysis of all this venom comes from Clint Eastwood – who says all Hollywood people are dumb? – on the Neil Cavuto Show: “Conservatives, often times, are very masochistic. They say, ‘I’d rather not show up than have so-and-so. If it’s not my guy then I won’t show up’. You can’t be that way.”

He was referring most specifically to Coulter who said on her part: “If McCain weren’t a dunce, what he would do is take Mitt Romney as his vice president. That’s the only way, I think, you could get me to vote for him and that’s my final offer.”

Her final offer? Poor John McCain. Now if he picks Romney for his running mate people will say he’s kowtowing to Coulter.

I have a suggestion – why don’t we just take Ann Coulter and Howard Dean and lock them up in a room together until this election is over? Meanwhile, McCain and Romney acquitted themselves well. Both of them, at least, are concerned that we are at war. Evidently, not Miss Ann. She’d prefer to call everybody a “dunce.” Projection, anyone? I’ll be a grownup and pretend to ignore her preening if McCain does choose Romney. I think we can assume he’s thought of the idea for himself. But then – wouldn’t Romney be too liberal given his record? (Evidently not for Miss Ann)

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