What About the Apple Car?

Even though this particular MacWorld keynote was something of a bust (or not), as a loyal vassal of Lord Steve, I immediately downloaded my new iPhone firmware and spent yesterday evening adding icons so I could instantly access lists of wines I’d never drink and such while keeping an eye on the usual cable news campaign blather, the candidates and their porte paroles outstripping each other in Playing the Panderus (hey, there’s an idea for an iPhone game for the next update.)


Speaking of which, I think the most disgraceful example of pandering so far was Romney going up to Michigan and promising to bring back the glory days of the auto industry (via subsidies?). Hey, gang, it’s 1957 again. Roll out the Chevy Impala. Oh, les beaux jours.

If there’s anything more disgraceful than Romney, it’s the Michigan voters who believed his nonsense (and there were evidently a lot of them). The one thing you can say for McCain is he told them some of the truth . The old days are not coming back to the Michigan auto industry no way, no how… unless they nuke Toyota (as some wag said).

McCain, however, was too gentlemanly to tell the full truth about the Michigan auto moguls – they are too square. In the modern world, Detroit … is … out… of …. it. (I apologize to all Detroiters reading this, but you do have a great basketball team. And, yes, I could be wrong, assuming they get their act together with the Chevy Volt, but that’s the last chance.)


Meanwhile, I say move the auto industry to the Silicon Valley. As you will see in my article in Pajamas for Thursday, I think Hollywood is already headed there. That, more than anything, may be the outgrowth of the current strike.

Detroit should head for Mountain View as well. Time for the Apple Car. (Hey, we’ve already had Apple Care.). What do we call it? The MacZoom?


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