Roger L. Simon

Climate Change: The Hydra-Head of Hype

Now I’m getting more confused than ever about global warming. First the Russians, via the great former KGB outlet Novosti Press, are telling us that cooling is the real problem (be sure to hurry up and buy plenty of that Siberian heating oil!) and almost simultaneously, that great environmentalist George Monbiot is informing us the real global warming culprit is… Al Gore!

So what is a poor boy to do (or even a Street Fightin’ Man) with such contradictory information? Is nothing sacred?

Just follow the money, you say. Okay, sure, normally good advice. But the sun still has plans for us and the sun isn’t interested in our money. So what’s next? Hot, cold… or do we care?

Lately it’s been in raining in California. More proof of global warming or just a reprise of an old song? (“Hate California, it’s cold and it’s damp… that’s why the lady is a… ” but you know the rest.)