Tales of Hillary: Seeing a Ghost in New Hampshire

It was a windy and cold night in Manchester, NH (and I mean really cold – somewhere between zero and minus one) when Roger Simon and Claudia Rosett emerged from the WeDu PR firm where they had just completed a video interview of a surging John McCain. Earlier in the day, at the nearby Segway Plant, they had interviewed the redoubtable Rudolph Giuliani (look for forthcoming video footage of RS aboard a Segway – no he doesn’t fall off). It was time, they agreed, to attempt the trifecta of high profile American politics and head off to…


Hillary Headquarters.

Yes, this would be the same headquarters where not long ago some delusional lunatic had attempted a kidnapping. And, yes, we realized that Hillary would not be there, but what else is there to do in Manchester NH at ten o’clock at night on a Thursday in subzero temperature? With the help of some frozen fingers on a rented GPS we were soon at the door.

The lights were on, as luck would have, it, but the place was not jumping, even though La Hillary would soon be there (the next day). No, perhaps three dozen young volunteers were huddled around the largest TV screen we had seen thereabouts (60 inches or more – this campaign was well financed), heads bowed as if they were attending a wake.

Dominating the giant screen was Hillary herself, making a speech and trying to make a third place finish in Iowa sound like a victory for Democrats. Looking around the room, the volunteers shuffled nervously, not knowing how to react. On screen, Madeleine Albright looked glum. Bill tried to force a smile and clapped perfunctorily. I imagined what he might be thinking: What will I do with the rest of my life if she loses? How long will this marriage last? Do I want it to? Something like that.


A young volunteer came up, asking who we were. “From Pajamas Media,” I said and presented my card. “We’ve been doing interviews with the candidates. Giuliani and McCain today. We’d very much like to interview Hillary.”

The volunteer smiled pleasantly and took the card.


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