Obama and drugs: Hillary goes negative on negative

I had to use that hed, since no one else had.

Apparently La Clintona has promised no more negative campaigning. This after the Political Nudnik of the Year award has gone hands down to her “big-shot New Hampshire supporter Billy Shaheen,” who played the “drug use card” yesterday to slime Obama. (Evidently Hillary has apologized.) I would have slimed him with the “banality & cliché card,” but no matter. All’s well that ends well, as the Bard says.


But speaking of Obama, why don’t we get it over with and just put Oprah herself on the ballot? I mean she’s got a lot more experience in front of the public than the candidate and her business acumen (and back account) is right up there with Romney’s. Besides, no one would have to worry about solving the writers’ strike. As president and number one afternoon talk show hostess, television would be “All Oprah All the Time.” Good-bye, Big Brother. Hello, Big Sister!

In fact, why bother with elections at all? Oprah for Queen!


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