Roger L. Simon

The CIA: Hitch is Right

I have to say I agree with Christopher Hitchens’ succinct proposal of what to do about the CIA: The system is worse than useless‚Äîit’s a positive menace. We need to shut the whole thing down and start again.

Of course, that’s the easy part… Well, not easy, but easy to say. The more interesting question is how – to start over that is – assuming anybody has the cojones to shut the damn thing down in the first place. I also have to say I’m not optimistic on that score. Langley seems to be a self-perpetuating bureaucracy of immense proportions. And I don’t see anyone on the presidential horizon capable of dismantling it. [Maybe Huckabee can pray it away.-ed. I’ll help. I thought you were an agnostic.-ed. The situation’s getting desperate.]