Roger L. Simon

Meeting Fred

The preview from our interview/discussion with Fred Thompson is up. The whole unexpurgated video (except for the part where the camera catches me picking my nose – only half kidding) will be on PJ on Monday. I think it came out pretty well, but you’ll make your own decision.

As for Fred, I really liked him personally in the very short time we spent together. (After the interview, before I could turn around, he was whisked away by his handlers to a NASCAR coffee shop in Myrtle Beach. I assume he took his tie off.) He actually had a twinkle in his eye, which is admirable, even amazing, under the circumstances. I had the suspicion that he is more of a normal person, despite being a movie actor, than other intensely-driven personalities (Hillary and Rudy) running for the office. This good and bad, of course. But on the substance of the “War on Terror Conversations,” I liked his answers. I hope you all will comment tomorrow.