Roger L. Simon

Vegas Showdown: Democrats at the Hold 'Em table

No, I’m not going back to LV – once a year is plenty for me – but I probably will watch the Dems debate tonight, not because I expect anything substantive (never is in these things) but because I want to see how much mud gets thrown. It’s kind of like bear-baiting. How much will Barack and John slam Hillary? I think it’s all kind of irrelevant – they don’t even have a chance in Sodom of resting the nomination from her – but it’s still fun. And I suspect the next month or two is Edwards’ last hurrah, so he may go for broke. Could be interesting.

Meanwhile, Hillary is assembling the troops. My old buddy Sid has ankled Salon (as they say in Variety) and joined the campaign. I’m not sure that she really wants him but I’m not sure she actually has a choice. If there’s anyone who knows where the proverbial bodies are buried, it’s our boy Sid.

By the way, speaking of Lost Wages (yuk yuk), the light show at the Boulud Brasserie.. actually at the Wynn… is the best thing this side of a Who concert. Actually, it’s better. They have amazing computer graphics, including one of a frog that is quite spectacular, that are projected or lasered or whatever it is every half hour while you sit at the faux water’s edge at Boulud’s place (which is not as good as the original in New York – but you knew that – it’s Vegas). Still, the famous DB burger is vaut le detour, but be sure to take your heartburn medicine during and in advance. Foie gras inside rare hamburger meet is more than most humans over twenty can handle.