Have I been seeing two of you?

One of the health matters I have not blogged about on here is that I see double (no jokes, please!) – but not from drinking. I have something called strabismus (sometimes known as lazy eye), a largely congenital muscle problem around my eye, which I have been correcting via eye glasses with prisms. But it’s been getting slightly worse and this morning I am going under the knife (or something) of the maestro Dr. Kenneth Wright to get it repaired. There will be probably be a blogging hiatus for me here and on PJM (where others will of course carry on in spades).


Am I nervous? Sure. I don’t have a lot of eyes. But soon enough I’ll be under the miracle of modern anesthesia. 10… 9… 8… 7… 7…. 7…. zzz….

UPDATE: I’m back and it seems to have worked. Al Hail, Dr. Wright! (Yes, Charles Martin was right – they used Versed. Later Demerol, which put me out for a couple of hours – sadly, they were too smart to give me an enduring prescription.)

I can’t say for sure, in answer to a question, that this was late onset strabismus. More likely it was just something that was there, getting worse.


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