Roger L. Simon

Edwards Takes "Principled Stand"

Now there’s a headline that calls for a lawyer joke. But let’s just start with a direct quote from the candidate, who has just announced he is taking public financing for his campaign. [But what about his 28,000 square foot house?-ed. It’s been mortgaged in a Monopoly game.]:

“This is not about a money calculation,” Edwards told CNN senior political correspondent Candy Crowley on his way to an event in Durham, North Carolina. “This is about taking a stand, a principled stand, and I believe in public financing.”

I also believe in magic in a young girl’s heart, etc. How do these people say these things? I must say I admire Edwards for being able to pronounce those words with a straight face. Must be those years of courtroom experience. “Ladies and gentleman of the jury…”

And speaking of courtrooms, since it doesn’t seem likely that his campaign is going anywhere anyway, maybe John should book on with Phil Spector for the record producer’s retrial. That’s a job that should pay pretty well. I understand the download numbers for “River Deep, Mountain High” over at iTunes are better than ever. [No, you don’t. Now you’re lying.-ed. Okay, okay.]

UPDATE: Fausta Wertz has reminded me that this is indeed a marriage made in (hair) heaven.