Roger L. Simon

Scenes from the Class Struggle in Studio City

I was in Studio City this evening doing an errand when Sheryl called me on the cell. She wanted some “very good tomatoes” for a crudo pasta she was making. Studio City is a relatively upscale part of LA’s SF Valley (for those few left who don’t know) and I was yards away from that very upscale super market Gelson’s, so I did a u-ey (don’t tell the LAPD) and pulled into their parking lot.

When I got out of the car and approached the market, I was immediately confronted by one of those sign-up petition card tables, displaying a wide banner: IMPEACH CHENEY.

Well, I thought, they’re in good territory for that. Studio City probably votes about 94% Democratic.

But no one was stopping to sign. What was going on, I wondered? Bush’s speech last night must have been successful beyond anyone’s imagination.

Drawing closer to the super market entrance, I could see the table more clearly. There was the explanation… Just beneath the boldface Impeach Cheney was the following in smaller print:

Lyndon LaRouche – some things never die. His supporters smiled at me with the plastic grin of cultists. “You guys like Ron Paul?” I asked. One of them nodded. I nodded back and walked inside for my tomatoes.