Roger L. Simon

Another tale of MSM vs. blogs

I admit I have not been following the dust-up at The New Republic over Scott Thomas’ reporting but a post on Right Wing Nuthouse this morning – “Foer Under Fire” – caught my attention. Rick Moran thinks publisher Martin Peretz is letting his editor Franklin Foer twist in the wind. Could be.

What caught my attention in all this is Foer’s claim no to have vetted Thomas’ dispatches very carefully, a sad admission but not an especially surprising one. The New Republic is a small magazine. Things move fast. As I am well aware from Pajamas, it’s hard to keep a grip on everything without a lot of personnel.

That is why blogs are in many ways a superior editorial system. Lots of people are vetting, as Scott Thomas and Franklin Foer I’m sure are now very aware. Sometimes these blog-editors can be seen to be ganging up, but usually the truth outs. We shall what transpires in this case.