Roger L. Simon

Al Qaeda and Hippocrates

As we all know, Hippocrates – the father of modern medicine – allegedly told us “First do no harm.” (Not in his famous oath, but in the Epidemics.) Al Qaeda’s doctors – the ones involved in the recent aborted terror attack in the UK – have turned that on its head to “First do as much harm as possible and kill anyone you don’t know.”

Not even Mengele himself distorted the medical profession like that. This is psychopathy unleashed. The question is what to do. First we must not blame ourselves for this. We did not do it. They did it. They are the crazy doctors. And the major culprit is the Islamic belief system – the idea that anyone who is not Islamic is less than human. This is not a religion. This is – to carry forth the medical analogy – a virus, destroying everything in its path.