Roger L. Simon

Richard Cohen on the GOP

Richard Cohen has a rather conventional column in the WaPo this morning, which, in essence, states the obvious: the coming presidential election can sway either way because of the ever-present national defense issues. Both sides will use and abuse it after their fashion.



But his article does include this howler: The GOP is adept at painting Democrats as soft on national security. It is equally adept at saying so in the most scurrilous way. And while most Americans would like the war to end, they do not favor a precipitous withdrawal and neither have they forgotten Sept. 11, 2001 — the entirety of Giuliani’s case for the presidency, after all.

Say what?

Rudy Giuliani is also greatly responsible for making New York – our biggest city of course – livable again after decades of high crime and disrepair. No other candidate in either party can cite a leadership accomplishment anywhere near that.

Your response, Richard?

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