Roger L. Simon

Gaza: "Al Reuters" gets with the program

Events in Gaza are getting so extreme even the organization known to some as “Al Reuters” is impressed. I can’t remember ever seeing a paragraph like this concerning the Arab-Israeli situation from the news service:

Jum’a said ordinary Palestinians were so fed up with the armed groups “they now wish the Israeli occupation would take over in Gaza or hope for the return of Jordanian rule in the West Bank” to get rid of them.

What does this mean? Probably not good things for the Palestinian Cause – though better perhaps with the Palestinian people, who appear to be fed up with Fatah and Hamas.

How long this will last for the Palestinians or the news service is anybody’s guess, but it does, in an interesting way, validate Sharon’s decision to withdraw. With the madness of the Palestinian leadership now completely exposed, for the first time we are seeing … in Reuters of all places … talk of reunification with Jordan. Now that is a sea change.

Meanwhile, and speaking of sea changes, the annual Gay Pride Parade in Israel continues to grow. Here in LA these events are so routine we just regard them as yet another stopper in our hideous traffic. But over there I suspect they are a great message to the rest of the Middle East. Just like the rest of us, millions of Arabs are gay. They must look on in envy and wonder.