No Zig-zag on Zogby

A new Zogby Poll is out and what’s interesting is it still doesn’t show that much movement in the presidential derby. Giuliani continues to lead the Republicans with McCain a surprisingly distant second (although Romney and F. Thompson are practically neck and neck with McCain…. What does this mean when F. Thompson enters officially?). On the Dem side, no big movement either. Hillary still leads comfortably over Obama with “John of Edwards” (if that sounds like a hair salon, it’s deliberate) luffing in the rear.


What’s significant in this poll is the potential power of Obama in a general election. He is evidently quite popular with swing/independent voters. He defeats the Republican leaders in head-to-head polling. Hillary does not.

Looking down the list, it’s worth noting that Mike Huckabee is creeping up on the Republican side. He is a candidate with practically no money or organization, but is acquitting himself very well in the early debates and TV appearances. He seems to have quite a bit of wit and grace.

Huckabee is now at four percent. Compare this with Ron Paul (still under one percent here and on Gallup) whose supporters continue to bombard Pajamas Media like so many lemmings on steroids. It’s an oldie… but maybe they should have a look at this book.


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