Roger L. Simon

Democrats Strike a Blow for Censorship (and Cowardice)

After the generally good notices (as compared to MSNBC’s) received by the Fox News Team (Hume, Wallace, Goler) for moderating the Republican Presidential Debate last night, it’s particularly ironic that Fox News has been left off the recently-published list of network moderators for the Democratic debates. Of course it’s no surprise. The Democratic candidates – led by John Edwards, as I recall – have been falling over each other to prostrate themselves like so many Islamists at the feet of, et al, promising never to be tainted by the “unclean” Fox.

What does this mean?

Well, it obviously attests to the extreme need for ideological purity on the part of the Democrats, even in an era when such purity has clearly shown itself to be fake (cf. Bill Clinton, whose actual policies may be seen to be to the right of George Bush’s from a conventional perspective.) More than that, however, it signals a kind of breakdown in the democratic process in which one side or another can refuse to submit to questioning from its opponent.

You could call that “stonewalling” or perhaps, more pejoratively, “censorship”. But I think there’s a simpler word – cowardice.