Roger L. Simon

Will the French election affect Amérique?

This French presidential election is obviously not over, but reading through Nidra Poller’s coverage for PJM, it’s clear things look pretty good at this moment for Nicolas Sarkozy.

What’s interesting to me is the potential influence Sarko’s victory might have on the US election. The French press was and is uniformly lined up against the conservative, according to Nidra. (This tracks with my far more cursory review of Le Monde, Libe, France 2, etc. and also what I glean from Fausta’s blog.) And yet Sarkozy seems headed for success at a level at least as comfortable as predicted in the polls.

What does that mean to us? Our press is not as uniform (or as propagandistic) as the French, but it’s pretty consistent nevertheless in its views – especially the major networks NBC, CBS and ABC, still more viewed than Fox at their news hours. But this uniformity may mean less than we think. The French people were apparently less subservient to their media than expected. What about ours? I suspect it’s similar. [But they will be subservient to blogs!-ed. Now you’re talking.]