While Congress debates the war today ...

You remember – those folks who are confused about the difference between Sunnis and Shiites… An article on Ynet this morning might be of interest to them. In the wake of the Asgari case (I wonder how many of our Congresspeople know who he is. Double digits?) it discusses some recent information from inside Iran:


Al-Sharq al-Awsat reported that a Tehran military court sentenced to death a colonel in Iranian military intelligence who recently returned from service in Iraq. The officer was accused of collaborating with American forces and providing them with details on the deployment and activities of the al-Quds unit and Iranian military intelligence operatives. He was also accused of providing the Americans with classified documents, photographs and maps related to Iran’s nuclear program and armed forces.

Say what? If this report is true, it means the Iranians are virtually admitting they are infiltrating inside Iraq. Otherwise, why the trial? Will this come up in the Congress today? Would you like to bet? Perhaps we should administer basic information tests to our representatives. But the results might be terrifying.


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