Roger L. Simon

Rudy Gallup-ing Away

If Rudy Giuliani wasn’t nervous before about peaking too early, he ought to be breaking into cold sweats now. The latest Gallup Poll shows him still trending upward and leading McCain by a staggering 44-20. Further down, the undeclared Gingrich squeaks by Romney 9 to 8, not exactly “Newt, Newt, Newt” numbers.

Even lower down the list you find such notables as Tommy Thompson, Pataki, Hunter and Tancredo, barely registering. I Heart Huckabee has fallen off the cliff into “asteriskville” (less than one percent), which means he won’t appear on next week’s Pajamas Poll. Sorry, Mike.

Could the fat lady already be singing when we’re still twenty months out on this baby? Difficult to believe, but on the other hand it’s hard to invent a negative scenario. Or negative enough. Maybe if they catch Rudy with Truman Capote’s corpse or something. (Okay, not funny.)

If this keeps up you will find the press turning its conscious/unconscious attention to tarnishing Rudy for the general election. The NYT, predictably, was the first into tabloid territory already by bringing up Giuliani’s testy relationship with his son (as if the Times’ own editors don’t have problems at home – yeah, right)

So far, it seems the drama will be on the Democratic side. Obama continues to creep upwards. Could Hillary actually be prevented from reaching her life’s ambition by someone few of us had ever heard of just months ago? Meanwhile, John Edwards continues to tank. He must have known something when he started building that outlandish home. Soon enough he won’t have to apologize to the “other America”. He’ll be paying them to water his endless lawn.