Roger L. Simon

Desperation Time for Edwards

John Edwards’ campaign is obviously in free fall and it’s really no surprise he is grasping at straws, this time aligning himself with those pathetic anti-free speech poo-bahs over at who are out to suppress Fox News. Edwards is apparently too busy to show up at the Fox-moderated Democratic presidential candidate debate in Nevada on August 14. (Yes, you read that right, August 14). I guess he’s been outflanked by Obama on the left and is already is desperation mode. It’s almost comical, really, a guy trying to build his left-wing cred at the same time as 28,000 square foot house. Make up your mind, fella. My guess is the Edwards campaign has been having serious fund-raising difficulties and he had to do something. Hey, he could always sell that house. (I know – the spec market’s a little down now.)