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In these braindead partisan times, it’s a breath of fresh air when someone actually does something constructive. One of those people who can be relied upon to act that way is James Woolsey, so when I received an email pointing to a new video he was involved with, I clicked over to YouTube immediately, saw it and instantly brought it over to Pajamas Media and to this site. The topic: energy independence for America. We should have had it twenty years go, but better late than… as they say.



Apropos, I think the Bush administration’s greatest failure in the War on Terror and the War in Iraq was not to involve all of us personally, but to make it just a military thing for soldiers and their families – the rest of us should go shop. Why not have enlisted us all in an energy independence campaign after 9-11? He would have had the whole country with him.

Meanwhile, you can read about Set America Free here. I just bought a t-shirt.

UPDATE: I don’t know about all this talk about climate Armageddon coming from the UN… but even if they’re a quarter or a third right, it’s worth paying attention. (Of course we want to hear from scientists, not politicians and bureaucrats.) And all things considered, it’s yet another argument for Energy Independence – get the Saudis and the mullahs and save the environment at the same time – a two-fer.


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