Roger L. Simon

A recommendation for John Edwards

Unlike the gang over at NRO, when I hear a man is building a 28,000 square foot house for himself, I don’t say “Good for him.” Call me a Puritan, but there are limits to what a man actually needs on Earth.

But I do share their repugnance at John Edwards’ monumental hypocrisy. Someone who goes around bloviating about two Americas should at least pay some attention to the appearance of his personal lifestyle, especially when running for President. The energy costs of a 28,000 foot MacMansion alone should give him pause, let alone the aesthetics. And let’s not get started about Katrina.

So I have a recommendation for him. He should do what the Hollywood stars do when people start to criticize their private jets and multi-million dollar residences in Malibu, Vail, etc. He should buy a Prius!