Roger L. Simon

The Governator at the Golden Globes

I read with amusement that Schwarzenegger will hobble out on his recently broken leg to present the Best Picture-Drama Award at tonight’s Golden Globes. What fun! I enjoy watching the Golden Globes because of their high trash value. They are so basically absurd that they underline what nonsense all awards ceremonies are – from the Nobel on down. Just sit back and giggle. (And multi-task so you don’t feel like you’re wasting too much time.)

As for the nominees in Arnold’s “all-important” category, I have written elsewhere my opinions of The Queen (which I liked) and Babel (which I loathed). But, hey, those are only opinions. Everyone’s got one, as the saying goes. What’s interesting about reviewing movies is that, if you are honest, you have to admit that you can almost never change someone’s opinion of a film. We all have our own visceral experience of a movie when we see it. No matter what someone says before or after or how “knowledgeable” that person may be, you still have your experience. That’s what you felt. The rest, as they say, is commentary — or even less.