No Country Joe Songs about Al Qaeda

One of the minor indications of the dopiness of the Cindy Sheehan anti-war crowd is that they are, shall we say, artistically-challenged. The level of anti-war music coming out of the current protest is somewhere south of pathetic. So they are left with some old songs from my generation. But it’s hard to sing “And it’s one, two, three, four… what’re we fighting for?” about Al Qaeda and its Shia clones in Tehran, not to mention the Baathist thugs. (Er, maybe we’re fighting for Western Civ). Even Lennon’s “Imagine” leaves some strange contradictions. Imagine “no religion too” in our multi-cultural world. That steps on so many people’s toes. Isn’t Sharia equal to democracy to the cultural relativist? Let’s not bother ourselves with how women and homosexual are treated in this sadistic doctrine. It’s all equal, isn’t it?… er, isn’t it?


So no music.

I was reminded of that while watching the video of Sheehan & Co. suddenly turning on the Democrats. (It’s over on Pajamas.) I almost expected them to break out in a chorus of “Hey, hey, LBJ… How many kids did you…” Well, you know the rest. Everything old is new again. I hope this keeps up because it will be amusing to watch the hypocritical Dems squirm.


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