From the Mullah's intelligence service direct to Pajamas Media

It has been quite an experience working on the video from Sheremetyevo Airport now posted on Pajamas. I have been fielding calls and emails all day as the story develops. We are still a small website, but not so small as we used to be, especially with more frequent Drudge links for original reporting we are doing. People in the media and elsewhere are watching. I hope to reveal more here about this story later, but for now I would like to call your attention to something I suspected myself and than was corroborated by one of my Iranian contacts…


At least to a small degree, Islamic regime intelligence operatives (or their supporters and cohorts) seem to be infiltrating our comments section. Here’s an amusing example:

Mike, Russia :

I guess the story is 100% fake. I just checked 2 most busy russian search engines – there is no one document or blog record for anything that could sound in Russian like “Zahra Kamalfar”.

“zahra sheremetyevo iran” – also nothing.

Oh, well then it’s a fake then, right, “Mike”? This reminds me of the kind of silly garbage I used to hear from low level KGB agents when I was in the Soviet Union in the Eighties. [Maybe Borat will post a comment.-ed. I thought that was Borat.]


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