Roger L. Simon

Behind the scenes with Pajamas Video

We’e going to be having some fun on election day at Pajamas, making videos with the extraordinary Canon A630. It’s amzing what you can do with a $270 camera now. I was playing with it last night on Hollywood Boulevard [You sure you want to say that?-ed. ] making a short promo with Bill Bradley. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, Bill and are going to be down Schwarzenegger’s Brentwood polling place, doing the video thing of the Terminator voting. It will be interesting to see him cast his ballot in that hotbed of rich liberalism. (Spielberg is his neighbor.) I wonder if Arnold splits his ticket or votes Repub. Perhaps we will get a chance to ask him, not that he would say (I assume). I am told he is good friends with Jerry Brown, another “well-known” Californian far ahead in the polls. Come to think of it – who in this star-driven state could even have dreamed Phil (Who?) Angelides had a prayer?

Meanwhile, on that other coast, Pajamas is doing the video thing at Lieberman’s (we assume, touch wood) victory party at the Goodwin Hotel in Hartford. Andrew Marcus and Evan Coyne Maloney are going to be there with Pamela of Atlas Shrugs, Sissy Willis and Solomonia. And in DC, Rich Miniter (produced by Maura Flynn) is going to be trying to get the pundits to say something embarrassing – at least we hope so. Check it out.