Roger L. Simon

Mr. Kim drives Foley off the front page - or does he?

Well, he’d better … because if North Korean nukes aren’t more important than the sex life of an obscure congressman, Ahmadinejad is right – our civilization is in deep trouble. But I suspect it’s not – in deep trouble, that is – not that deep anyway. Besides Foley was starting to get boring. How much of this trivia can people take, especially if it’s not about Paris Hilton?

Meanwhile, the most important part of the North Korean situation to me, so far, is that the Chinese are taking it very seriously, calling it a “brazen” act. Will this precipitate a kind of realignment of states with a vested interest in the global economy? The Japanese have set up a “task force.” Any bets on how long it would take Japan to go nuclear, if they haven’t already? About as long as it takes them to get out the latest Sony Vaio, I would think. In the end, this is probably a good development. A strong Japan is going to be very necessary. The South Koreans themselves will not be far behind, I would imagine. I’d bet my Samsung monitor on it. [You gave that one away.-ed. Yes, but it was great.]

But all kidding aside – and I promise not to make any more nuclear jokes, Dr. Strangelove … at least for the next few minutes – what this brings to light for me is another underscoring of the fundamental lack of seriousness of a great part of our society, especially in the political and media classes. They have spent the last few years in an over-sized game of the Bickersons while history is moving forward at a frightening velocity. North Korea, Iran, the Pakistani intelligence service – look around and you see an international cartel of psychologically deranged nuclear armed states forming. Who’s next? Syria? In a way I hope the Democrats win in November, so that they are forced to face reality. We’re going to need everybody pulling together on this one.

(COMMERCIAL: Pajamas is following the North Korea story closely, of course.)