Roger L. Simon

Hanson vs. Woodward

A real historian versus a fauxtorian:

Every source in Cobra II, Fiasco, or State of Denial, may be accurate, but we will never know that, because for a variety of reasons the authors who claim they worked from notes and recordings, chose not to identify the most inflammatory sources by name. It would be as if I [Hanson] wrote a history of the Peloponnesian War and, to support my most controversial points, added footnotes that stated “A manuscript in the Vatican,” or “Private letter to author from anonymous Greek shepherd attesting a stone altar in his field”

The other day I wrote of my own similar dismay at Woodward’s “thought” process. Of course, I don’t remotely have the qualifications VDH has in this area. If you look down at the link, you will see I added update backing off somewhat. After reading Hanson, I greeted that, not that anyone will care in the world of All Foley All The Time.