Roger L. Simon

Kofi vs. Ahmi... Bring on Lear's fool

Everything moves faster these days, even Marx’s famous dictum “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce. ” Now both happen at once as when Mad Ahmad tells us Krafty Kofi gave him permission to ignore a UN resolution against Iran. Kofi, of course, denied this in a New York minute lest he be run out of New York. Who knows who’s lying on this one? One? The other? Both? Farce indeed, with nuclear overtones – ergo tragedy. Meanwhile, to add farce to farce, Mad Hugo regrets the “death” of the living Noam Chomsky before Hugo could meet him and some wizard named George Palast, in the employ of the BBC of all places, opines on Fox News that Chavez is a “great stateman”. Marat/Sade anyone?