Roger L. Simon

Good Morning America ... to disinformation

As my colleague PJM in Barcelona put it is so pithily on PJM this morning, “First it was fauxtography, now its faux TV guests.” Apparently three Southern women went on Good Morning America Friday to tell us how they were leaving the Republicans to be Democrats. Trouble is, cursory Internet research showed two of them, at least, weren’t really true Repubs in the first place.

The big credit on this story goes to Brent Baker of Newsbusters who does a lot of fine work at the Media Research Center. It’s not surprising, of course. We’re used to this kind of disinfo from the MSM and the reason it happens couldn’t be more obvious. It’s not deliberate in cases like this. Someone comes to them with a story that fits their (the network’s) narrative and they don’t really bother to check. The results are pernicious. I don’t watch GMA or Today – I’m too busy and it’s not my thing anyway – but as we all know their audiences are huge. Let’s see if GMA has the honesty to take a second look at this. Your average blogger would be in serious trouble for this kind of distortion. But we’re supposed to be slapdash.