Roger L. Simon

Cable Guy

I don’t think it’s accidental that zillionaire Connecticut Lieberman-crusher (by 4 points) Ned Lamont made a substanstantial amount of his uninherited wealth in cable television, a business that is usually based on screwing your competition to achieve a monopoly. In fact, as its structured in most places, cable is one of the more reactionary businesses around, the kind that is set up to hold back innovation. I don’t know much about Lamont’s exact sector of the cable biz, but I would warn his fans on the soi-disant “left” not to look too far into their new hero’s “netroots.” They might come up with disappointing facts about the cost and availability of broadband for the masses,etc., as their new lider maximo wired-up dorm rooms for college kids, so they wouldn’t miss a moment of “Desperate Houswives” during finals. What a great public service.

But never mind. In the George Soros-ness of it all, such matters are easily swept under the carpet if politics are seemlessly correct. Moral values are irrelevant. Progressive posturing (or posturing as a progressive) is all – and I would bet that in Lamont’s case it is little more than that. The man only arrived at his revelation of the party line against the war about a year ago, when, as a a full-grown adult of 52, he had decades to grow into these views. We could call this kind of convenient political conversion a “Huffington,” but he is far less skilled than Arianna, who knows how to feign approval of the other side, when necessary, at the drop of the hat, as she did while complimenting Charles Johnson today on the Reliable Sources show.

No, I suspect Lamont is already in free-fall, reduced to whining that Lieberman is in collusion with Cheney, because both have taken a strong stand against terrorism. (I guess Ned missed logic in college.) Lamont better pray for a quiet Fall on the terror front – not too likely at the moment. Otherwise he will have blown off about eight million dollars of his own money for nothing (my estimate considering he’s already spent four). But at his net worth – why should he care? Of course if he were a real liberal he could have spent that money bringing broadband to the poor of America. But then Mr. Lamont has “important” things to do.