Roger L. Simon

Reutersgate - nothing on Google News

The rift between the mainstream media and blogosphere just grew larger as Google News, as of 8;15AM Sunday, has NO COVERAGE from the MSM on the developing Reuters photoshop story, which is all over the blogs.

Pajamas Media will be covering this story throughout the day. Someone with more time should now re-examine the photos from “Qana.” Of course, EUReferendum has already done a brilliant job – but there is certainly more. At this link, Pajamas has a guide to where to locate the extensive photo library of the Photoshopper Adnan Hajj.

UPDATE: Jawa Report already has done some interesting work. Pajamas Media is looking for a Photoshop expert to do a podcast interview. If you are or know one, please contatct me through this site. We are also interested in inside information on the hiring practices of Reuters and other news agencies.