Roger L. Simon

I believe Nasrallah

MEMRI, which as a source of information on the Middle East dwarfs our entire mainstream media rolled into one and triple, scores an easy coup today by simply recording a transcript from Al Jazeera:

Interviewer: “Did you inform them [the Lebanese government] that you were about to abduct Israeli soldiers?”

Hassan Nasrallah: “I told them that we must resolve the issue of the prisoners, and that the only way to resolve it is by abducting Israeli soldiers.”

Interviewer: “Did you say this clearly?”

Hassan Nasrallah: “Yes, and nobody said to me: ‘No, you are not allowed to abduct Israeli soldiers.’

Do we believe Nasrallah here? If so: Game. Set. Match. Either the Lebanese government had no control of Hezbollah or no interest in doing so or, perhaps most likely, both.