Roger L. Simon

Long Live the American Street

On our Independence Day, Christopher Hitchens, that apostate Brit one-time Trotskyite or ist, has it just right when he tells Americans to ignore tripe like the Pew Report (which tells us virtually everybody hates the USA up to and including your Aunt Fanny) and trust ourselves.

Faced with a complete beast like the late Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi, who has been trying to kill us for several years, millions of Americans appear to believe that he only appeared in Iraq because in some way we made him upset. Well, even if this was true Рwhich it is not Рit wouldn’t be such a bad thing. (What would you say to a policy that made him contented, instead?).

Thus, for a Fourth of July message, I would suggest less masochism, more confidence on the American street, and less nervous reliance on paper majorities discovered by paper organizations.”

Right on, brother Christopher… The day Hitchens left The Nation may be the day the left died in this country. Since then they have had absolutely nothing to say other than Bush that, Rumsfeld this, yaddayaddayadda. No real proposals. Nada.