Roger L. Simon

Sarin under her sink

You know it’s election time when Rep. Jane Harman (D-Calif), who is normally fairly level-headed about War on Terror matters, asserted on Fox News today the newly-reported chemical weapons discovered in Iraq were old and therefore no more dangerous than aging items one might find “under the kitchen sink.” Leaving aside whether Harman (a lawyer by training) has any serious background in chemistry and is even remotely qualified to opine on such technical-scientific matters, I would bet my house that if the Congresswoman found any twenty year old sarin under her kitchen sink, she would get the Hell out of the bulding and call the police and anyone else should could think of as quickly as possible. She may be accusing Santorum and Hoekstra of political posturing, but she’s doing some pretty obvious posturing of her own. Let’s hope if she get reelected, she’ll come back to her more rational positions the second week in November.