Roger L. Simon

"Nacho Libre" - bastante buen

nacho.jpegI didn’t think I was going to like “Nacho Libre” – the new Jack Black flick about a Mexican monastery cook who aspires to be a pro wrestler – as much as I did. I don’t tend to laugh at sight gags of leftover frijoles splattered on people’s faces. But – in the increasingly mundane world of today’s Hollywood – this movie won me over almost on its weird and original subject matter alone. Beyond that, I was especially impressed with the casting – a great mix of those Latino faces I used to see on fight nights down at LA’s Olympic Auditorium. The set design was also good – catching that amalgamation of the beautiful and the horrible that is the Mexico we love. And, yes, Jack Black is the new Belushi. He can obviously open a movie and probably will for some time to come. (Okay, the story is predictable, but it’s serviceable.)