Roger L. Simon

They often call me Speed-o

Vodkapundit is, ahem, a little younger than I and he’s definitely put himself on the side of youthful speed this morning in making fun of my contemporary Hillary Clinton for suggesting a return to the 55-mile speed limit. And I’d certainly agree with Will Collier that this is unlikely to win Hillary many votes. But I would humbly suggest that there are a lot of votes to be garnered in the area of oil conservation. I can give you three reasons: Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela. Every time you “Fill ‘er up!” and express your American born-to-run thing, a lot of people (Will included, I would imagine) are remembering in the back of their minds whose pockets they’re lining – as creepier a collection of greedy and dangerous theocrats and mafiosi as currently exist on the planet. No matter how you stand on global warming this should disturb you.

So if I were running for President in the near future, I’d be thinking big time about energy conservation and alternative fuels because it cuts across party and ideological lines. Some favor it for ecological reasons; others out of committment to the war on terror. Some even out of both. It’s a win-win-win. (via PJ)