Roger L. Simon

Occam's Razor meets the Separation of Powers

As if we ever didn’t, now we know why Newt Gingrich – despite all his intelligence – ended up on the outside looking in as a Fox News Contributor instead of Speaker of the House or more. He has a tin ear to the most obvious (and honest) public opinion. In fact, declaring the arrest of a House member for, among other things, stashing a mysterious 90 silverfoil- wrapped grand in a freezer, a Separation of Powers issue in a year when public disgust with politicians is at or near an all-time high is more like having a Van Gogh Ear than a tin one – i. e. none at all. Sure Consitutional Lawyers can parse this issue until every Mad Cow comes home, but to the rest of us it just sounds like this guy Jefferson was videotaped in the act more than anybody but Paris Hilton and better explain it. And we don’t need William of Occam to tell us we care more about this Congress Character standing trial than whether he was taped by the FBI, the Capitol Police or America’s Favorite Home Videos. When someone like Gingrich wraps himself in the cloak of the Constitution on something like this, we don’t think about the Founding Fathers. We think which about which of our current fathers has his hand in the cookie jar too. And as for the Dems, they better get Jefferson off stage quick or they can say sayonara to the corruption issue in 2006.