Roger L. Simon

Who's the racist?

Ever the demagogue, Sen. Harry Reid has declared the amendment to make English the national language of the USA to be “racist”. Of course the reverse is true. Any encouragement to immigrants (in the current situation, Spanish-speaking immigrants) to think that they can live and work here in their language of origin is the most surefire way to condemn those same immigrants to a life of poverty and bad jobs. Generations of immigrants have integrated themselves into our economy first and foremost by learning English. And this is even more true today when English has become the international language of technology. If you don’t know English, you’re out in the garden pulling weeds. Does this mean anything to Harry – or does he even understand it? I’m not sure. What I do know is that the Senator from Nevada never loses the chance to put himself in the Guinness Book of Records for partisan hackery.

UPDATE: BTW, I of course applaud the study of foreign languages. That has nothing to do with the above.

MORE: On the issue of official “second” languages mentioned in the comments, we would face a huge problem of discrimination. Here in Los Angeles County there are (roughly) over a half million Koreans, nearly a million Chinese and about a half million Iranians (Tehrangeles). Should Korean, Chinese, Farsi be second languages along with Spanish? Starting to get confusing, isn’t it? Howabout Tagalog, Japanese and Thai, also heavily spoken in this area? Someone once told me there are almost a hundred languages currently being spoken at Hollywood High. Official second languages start to become absurd when you think about that.