Roger L. Simon

Personal Democracy Forum - #3 - Moulitsas and Ruffini agree

Alert the media, media! (or tell the blogs, bloggers)… Patrick Ruffini – of the RNC – and Markos Moulitsas – the Daily Kos – were in complete agreement at the beginning of their panel at the Personal Democrary Forum: A maturing blogosphere could be the medium that tilts the congressional election of 2006. Jonathan Garthwaite reminded the resident blogophiles that there was, however, another source called talk radio with, ahem, thirty to forty million listeners. Meanwhile, on the big board chat room above the panelist’s heads, liza typed: “Hillary totally does not get it… she won’t touch feminist bloggers.
trio.jpg(Photo shows moderator Matt Bai of the NYT with Ruffini and Moulitsas)