Roger L. Simon

Amongst the blind the fatuous is king

I can’t think of a politician less sincere and less comprehensible than Wesley Clark. I can’t accuse him of being a flip-flopper, however, because I neve have a clue of what he is saying – other than the ever-fungible “other guys bad, me good.” Today he brought his self-promotional blather to the Democrat’s weekly address. Who would want to watch or listen? Not me or anyone else with something better to do (in my case reading the gardening section of the Seattle Times).

But… there is a good side… a very good side.

By promoting this soporific character the Democrats are beginning to ackowledge the importance of a strong defense and, more importantly, that something really must be done about Islamic facism other than beefing up the Bakersfield police force. This is for the best because, in the grand tradition of you-touch-you-own-it, the Democrats may wind up in the White House the next time around and we don’t want it occupied by a Howard Dean clone. I’d even prefer Wesley Clark to that (if push came to the proverbial shove)… not that that’s about to happen…. but you know what I mean.