Roger L. Simon

The (John) Dean's December ... I mean March...

In any case, having met John Dean on a couple of occasions (he and Mo liked to hang around Hollywood back in the day) I doubt he’s up to speed on his Saul Bellow. What I don’t doubt is his pathetic need to cling desperately to the public eye, which in part must have motivated his dopey grandstanding in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee today. Comparing Watergate to the NSA controversy is so absurd it’s almost silly. The former was about a domestic political break-in, the latter about national defense in a time of war. But I guess some people, like the junior Senator from my state Ms. Boxer, prefer to skip over such niceties. She’s one of the two Senators, the other being Harkin the corrupt, who are backing Feingold’s even more grandstanding censure gambit. That was the empty charade behind the empty Dean testimony. [[I’m not going to tell the people you voted for Boxer once upon a time.-ed. More than once.]

UPDATE: I see the Dean is having more “influence” than I thought.