Roger L. Simon

The blind leading the unsophisticated

I found my mind drifting away within thirty seconds while watching an interview by Sean Hannity of Howard Stern last night on Fox. The level of their conversation was just so dopey I couldn’t pay attention and I started thinking of Evan Coyne Maloney’s blog post of yesterday – Internet Tops TV in UK – which discusses (obviously enough from its title) the trend away from TV-watching to online surfing. I think this trend is moving faster than even we know and in relatively short order we will be getting all our choices online, so those who enjoy listening to Stern and Hannity debate like a pair of overgown sixth graders (and not particularly smart ones) can do so and others of us can look around for a bit more content. This will all be projected on giant screens from our computers. More intelligent talk than one gets on Hannity and Colmes, etc., will be readily available. The bad news is this will not do that much for the general passivity of our lives because most of us will be lying in bed with our laptops, as I was last night, surfing away, the popcorn bowl readily at hand.