Iran admits their nuclear con (UPDATED)

The only thing surprising about Hassan Rowhani – the man who headed Iran’s nuclear negotiations – boasting that he had gulled his European counterparts is that he said it in semi-public so quickly and so obviously and while “negotiations” are still going on. The only thing he didn’t say is that the whore El Baradei (can the Nobel committee go any lower than that?) is directly in their pay. Well, maybe that’s because money wasn’t involved. Maybe the IAEA honcho was simply ideologically attuned with the Islamofascist mullahs.


While the estimable EURSOC is one of the more useful websites on the web, I think they may have it wrong when they write about this episode:

For the Europeans, it’s an embarrassing confirmation that their “Good Cop” policy has failed. The EU trio, for their own reasons, wanted to believe Iran, even if the evidence pointed towards the theocratic state’s sinister intent. Britain’s government fears another war; France supports a ‘multi-polar’ state, but has always mistrusted Iran; Germany wanted to polish its credentials as a global peace broker.

The Euros can’t be that stupid. Call me cynical but I think they knew damn well the mullahs were lying and were willing to play along with the game for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that in this case it is about oil. Rowhani’s braggadocio has now put them in an uncomfortable position. Not cricket, old chap.

UPDATE: You would think after all this there would be a rush to the Security Council. But no – the beat goes on. One thing you have to say for the Russians and the Chinese, they barely bother to pay lip service to the phony nonsense the Europeans engage in.


(via PJM)

SECOND UPDATE: Russia appears to be cooperating with the US so far, according to the AP:

The Bush administration told Iran on Tuesday that any enrichment of nuclear fuel on Iranian territory was unacceptable, as Russia appeared to close ranks with the United States over Tehran’s nuclear program.


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