Gulag Archi-what?

According to the Telegraph:

In the past decade, 200 books and films about Stalin, some eulogies, have appeared. Polls show that 18 per cent of Russians believe he was their best leader since 1917, while almost 50 per cent view him in a positive or very positive light.

In May the first major museum dedicated to Stalin in half a century will be opened in Volgograd by his three grandsons. Among the exhibits will be telegrams from Stalin to Churchill, a model of the train he lived in after the 1917 revolution and his famous cap.

Valentina Klyushina, the deputy curator of Volgograd’s famous statue to Mother Russia, is an enthusiast for the project, even though her mother was jailed for seven years in Stalin’s time.


Well, at least she wasn’t starved to death like most people. (via Allah who is back and blogging at Alarming News. The hell with the Russians. What does this mean? Howard Dean does the Danish cartoons?)



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