Roger L. Simon

No Dr. Livingstone

Well, you have to say one thing for Ken Livingstone, the trendy racist mayor of London, at least he acknowledged, or anyway implied, the existence of the Holocaust by comparing a Jewish reporter to a Nazi concentration camp guard. That’s something of a plus these days, although that doesn’t stop me from regarding the mayor as less than pond scum. Still, I have to agree with david t at Harry’s Place that the way to deal with these maunderings is not via the guilty finding of the Adjudication Panel of England but by the ballot box. (links at Harry’s) However… and it’s a big HOWEVER… Mr. Livingstone has been around for quite a few years now and neither the bien-pensants over at Harry’s nor their allies have done a damn thing about it via rational argument or free elections. In fact, the trend seems to be going solidly in the other direction. Ken Livingstone is the Mayor of Londonistan now and serving his constituency quite well. I’m sure they don’t find him the least bit anti-Semitic, just factual (except for that silly blunder about the existence of the Holocaust). So it’s all well and good to be high-minded about the Ken Livingstones and the David Irvings of the world, but where does that leave us? I wish I knew the answer to that because we have crossed the line from what the Chinese call “interesting times” to plain, ordinary bleak ones.

UPDATE: Livingston has apparently been suspended for a month.