Roger L. Simon

The Fire This Time

Excuse me for not thinking it’s entirely accidental that Beirut is the second city, after Damascus, to have its Danish Embassy torched. As we all know, the murderous Syrian secret police still have a presence in Lebanon and are anxious to do anything to distract from the Hariri investigation that has already led straight to the door of Bashar Assad. Nothing better than stirring up the deluded masses over some rinky-dink cartoons to cover up incinerating your fellow human beings.

visitor.jpgWhere next? If I were a resident of Solvang, California (our little Danish tourist town in the Santa Ynez Valley), I’d be watching my back. Defenders of the Faith could be burning down their pastry shops next.

But this is no joke. We’re already living in a rerun of the Middle Ages with religious-motivated hordes streaming through the streets, loaded for bear and screaming for the end of democracy. Only back in the Middle Ages people had an excuse. Most back then thought the world was flat. What do we do now? Many still think the way to deal with these lunatics is to apologize for these obscure cartoons, say “nice doggy,” pat them on the head and hope they will go away. Similar techniques were tried in the 1930s when there were nowhere near as many Nazis as there are followers of radical Islam today (no matter how you count them) . Frightening thought that, isn’t it?

UPDATE: This gallery of images of Mohammed throughout the ages of course places this issue in an entirely different context. If the mainstream media does not show this, they are not even beginning to tell the story.