And now the fun begins...

From Drudge (blinking light), permanent members of the Security Council have agreed that Iran should be referred to that body.

UPDATE: Here’s the AP coverage:


The United States and other permanent members of the
U.N. Security Council agreed Monday that Iran should be hauled before that powerful body over its disputed nuclear program.

China and Russia, longtime allies and trading partners of Iran, signed on to a statement that calls on the U.N. nuclear watchdog to transfer the Iran dossier to the Security Council, which could impose sanctions or take other harsh action.

Foreign ministers from those nations, plus the United States, Britain and France, also said the Security Council should wait until March to take up the Iran case, after a formal report on Tehran’s activities from the watchdog agency.

If the wait until March meant bringing in Russia and China, perhaps it’s worth it. This will indeed be interesting, even if pointless.


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